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Last month we enjoyed sharing the precious words from several women with you, that helped me celebrate Women, Mom’s … well this month we want to do the same for the Men, Father’s, Dads! We have several men that will be sharing their words of wisdom, their experiences with us.We all have that special man, Father figure, Dad that gave us direction, guided us, protected us, loved us even when we strayed; the hero that we looked up to, that we wanted our husband to be like, our sons to be like; we take in their words of love and advice, and remember … remember with deep love and appreciation. We will now, in this time, this month of remembering, also remember the lessons, the…

May 30, 2021

Even if an unmarried parent, be encouraged. Your efforts are not unnoticed. Your work is not in vain. You are making a difference, with God by your side. Introduce your children to God at a very early age so they can develop their own relationship with Him too. – Michelle Cameron