Well, I know we are days into the new year, but anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Welcome to the new year, the new decade, 2020.  I am looking at the year in a different manner.  20/20 perfect vision, I say, the year of clear vision.  Clear out the stuff and move fully into this year with purpose and determination; with a clear mindset.  Ready to take on your dreams, ready to be a new you, a different you, the best you ever.

So, what are you doing so that these things happen?  Well let me share my plans/goals and maybe, just maybe you will take your own action. 

1.  I came up with a game plan; actually, a set of goals to attain this year.  Now, I know that if they don’t all happen, at least I went for it and I’m closer than if I didn’t try at all. 

2.  I have a plan as to how I will reach the goals (this way I’m more likely to reach the goals).  You should know that all of these are realistic as otherwise I’m defeating myself before I even start. 

3.  I have an accountability partner. (Someone that keep me on track, keep me focused in all areas of life). 

4.  My goals are business, personal, and spiritually related.  I think it is so important to cover all areas, so none suffers.  This keeps you grounded all around.  Remember you must be spiritually grounded to have a successful life.

You should know that I have set goals that include growing my business and moving me up a level; growing me spiritually, completing some writing, and vocal music, improving my health to be a healthier me, improving my financial picture, resolving old issues and letting go of things I can’t control, moving into my God given purpose.  My eyes are clear, focused with a picture of where I’m to go. Will you do the same for you, now, before too many more days go by?  It’s never too late.  Let’s not make resolutions, let’s set goals.  If you hit the target, great, you tried; at least you did, something! 

2020 the year of clear vision.  Let’s all move toward that with a clear vision as we move forward.  This is your call to action.  Set your goals and move forward in this year with your dreams in sight.

Blessings to you and yours this year.