28 Days of LOVE! – BWITW – Blog

February is here and with it comes a time of celebration of LOVE! Now when I speak of this celebration of love, I speak of not only love for a significant other, but love for others, and ALL mankind. This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day with much love; Black history is a month when we pay tribute to those who struggled to bring us to where we are today. The ultimate, is the love of one greater than us all; He gave it all that we might have life with Him eternally, and we get to choose. The greatest love of all is free to us, but a price had to be paid.
When we think about love, there is always a price. When giving of self for another. So, this month we will look at love and giving of oneself for others. Why? Because of LOVE! Lives have been given out of love. Organs have been donated to fellow mankind, out of love. Risks taken out of love. Lives redirected and forever changed, all out of love.
Let’s each take time, this month, and think about what we have done out of love. Think about what has been done for us, out of love. And with gratitude in our heart, give love and receive love. Our lives will forever be changed. As this happens for you, share it with others, that their lives too, might be changed because you shared the true experience of love with them. By doing this I hope you and those you touch with love, can have a Heart Like Jesus!
Celebrate Life, Love others and change hearts!
Seeking a Heart Like Jesus!