Welcome July!  The month that I am calling, the month of “Becoming”!  The question …, what or whom are ‘you’ becoming?  Daily we all should be evolving into the person God designed us to be.  Just as the butterfly evolved from the cocoon, we should be doing the same within this life that we are given.

Some may ask, ‘but how’?  Well, I asked, and through prayer and following God’s leading and guidance, I found my way.  I’ve had people placed in my life that have helped to direct me; leading me to spiritual and real personal growth.  He’s placed things in my life to help guide me toward His path for me, guided to make changes that directed me closer to who He plans for me to ‘become’.  I am only now seeing the why for the changes.  He’s leading me to ‘becoming’.  Morphing me into the butterfly that soon will be ready to be released completely from the cocoon to flay, to soar, to ‘BE’, to fully ‘BECOME’! 

I’ve been mentored, trained; I feel that I’ve stepped out, maybe too soon; so, I paused.  I revised, regrouped, redirected, refocused on HIM, and not me.  Got back on track … now I see how it all was not a bad thing, but what was needed to lead me right to where I am today … growing, learning … ‘becoming’.

God has a divine plan for your life, if you let Him guide and direct your path to ‘becoming’ who He purposed you to be.  So, this month look inside you – revise, regroup, redirect, refocus and allow Him to get you on track, to BECOMING exactly who you are purposed to be.

It is time for the butterfly to leave the cocoon spread those wings, fly, and touch lives beyond you.  I pray you are inspired to truly “become” an amazing child of God.

Fully Becoming,