Back in October, I shared with you the Hope of a friend of mine that gave me hope for each and every day.  Well, this month you will hear from him and how he feels ‘blessed’ daily even in the midst of a cancer diagnosis.  We are sharing just a bit of his story, and at the end I will share with you how you can continue to follow his hope and blessing.  I pray this encourages you in your daily journey.  Know that every second of every day you are blessed.  This month let’s reflect on being blessed, being a blessing!


He was born in Harlem but moved to Barbados at an early age. She was born in Panama and was one of 11 children but the first to come the America. I knew him for 63 years and her for 64 years. He was my hero she was the example I looked for in a wife. I’ve been blessed. I’ve been blessed to have been born in the USA, New York, Brooklyn.

Years later moved to Washington DC where I was blessed to meet the love of my life and birth twin daughters who just happen to be my best friends.

After working on getting fit by walking 10,000 steps for 7 consecutive months I was blessed enough to know that pain is there to signal one to get assistance. Thank God for great medical assistance.

I was found to have a rare form of cancer for my age but blessed to have it at a time and place that it was diagnosed properly.

I was blessed to have friends that I could reach out to and ask to pray for me and my condition.

Weeks after my diagnosis I was told that I had to have my right leg removed up to the pelvis – once again blessed, knowing that I was in the hands of one in 150 specialists here in the United States.

I’ve been blessed with a great family.

I’ve been blessed with a great wife.

I’ve been blessed with great kids.

 I’ve been blessed with a great medical staff.

I’ve been blessed with great prayer warriors.

So this is the message I scribbled to my medical staff the day of my surgery, “24,633 days of great service! Thanks to my JHH Team” (the photo is my thigh).I’m blessed that I went into the 9hr surgery that wound up being a 16hr surgery with the right mindset.

Unbeknownst to me HE had a plan that would allow me to be a blessing to my doctors, nurses, physical therapist, and all the medical staff that came in contact with me. That became my mission. To inspire and lift-up. To become a blessing in their lives. 28 days of hospitalization because of COVID! Having said that I made my hospital staff my family. Having said that, I am blessed. Every morning I wake is another blessing.

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I pray that this message along with the posts this month will be a blessing to you all. Count your blessings! Be blessed! Be a blessing!

Always Blessed!