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Celebrating Women, Celebrating MOM’s, It’s MAY!
This month we celebrate women, more specific, we celebrate “MOM’s”. Now, I know not everyone had the best Mom ever, or lost their Mom too soon, however, many of us had some woman or women in our lives that made a huge impact on us; gave us words of wisdom; pointed us in our right direction; shared Jesus with us; changed our lives in a big or small way that they may or may not even know about.
So, this month I have some women that I hope will help you reflect on your special person/Mom; reflect on what she has brought to your life, good or bad, knowing that “all people give to your life … happiness, experience, lessons and memories”.
I pray this month of sharing, brings you, more than anything, the love of our Savior through the words of these women. I pray that your heart is touched, and you know that you are loved. That you take these words/lessons to help you grow and lead you to share with another child of God that is waiting, longing to be embraced by your precious words. Find your light through these messages and let it shine bright in the world.
Matt. 5:16 – In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
Celebrating Women, celebrating Mom’s … giving happiness, experience, lessons and memories
Love to all in Christ,
Special thanks to Krissa Tejada, Michelle Cameron, Leigh Ann Hawkey, & Brenda Wells for sharing in this months’ posts!