I do hope you enjoyed last months PROVERBS! This month, on to someting that will make you think and I hope act. Hope you enjoy!

Happy August!  Where has the year gone?  Well one thing that we know very well, time consistently moves forward, regardless of what’s going on in our lives, our world – time is consistently moving.

So, I’ve been thinking about consistency and being consistent.  So many great things happen to people because they are consistent.  So, I thought why not spend this month, this blog, helping us ALL focus on being consistent?

I think of the consistent love of God – that never ending, never changing, never failing love that brings comfort, joy, and peace.  It brings a desire for me, and for us to show that same love towards others. 

This brings up the question, how are we being consistent in the many different areas of our lives?

Are we consistent in our relationship with God?  Are we seeking Him in all things and at all times?  What can we do over this month to draw closer to him, to become more like him?

Are we consistent in our relationships – relationships with family, friends, spouses/significant others?  What can we do to draw closer to them, in small ways, but ways to draw meaning and depth to the relationship?

Are we consistent in our businesses/jobs?  Are we striving daily to be our best and do our best?  What little things can we consistently do to bring about the best in and through us?

Are we consistently working toward our dreams/goals?  Just little strides, each and every day, to get closer to the dreams and goals that we have set for ourselves, that God has purposed for us.

You see when we stop and look at all areas of our lives, we will see what we are doing.   Are we being consistent or are we consistently starting and stopping, not truly bring anything to completion nor building anything that is meaningful?  We need to start doing just a little something positive consistently each and every day.  This will lead us to successful relationships, success in business/job, goals/dreams, and yes, that closer loving relationship with God, the one who loves us ALWAYS. 

You can do this.  Remember – Consistency in ALL things!  I challenge you to take one small thing in each area (or even start with one area) and do it consistently over this month, each and every day, and see what happens.  You just might like who you become.  Let God transform you from the inside out.  If you feel led, share you changes via email at or on our daily post on FB or IG.

Have a life changing month – stay consistent!

In His Purpose,