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What will you BRING?

As we have entered a new year, we all enter with expectations for what the year will bring to us.  So, what are YOU bringing to the table?  Let’s think about this!  Why is it that we always are looking to receive?  What will the year bring?  The day bring?  The job bring, for this year?  We have become a people that always expect something!  I say pause, STOP … this year let’s change this.  This year will bring to YOU, what YOU bring to it!  So, what are YOU bringing to the table?  What are you bringing to the year?  To the day? To the whatever?   We can only expect to get, what we give.

In your job, are you giving your all?  Many times, we don’t, yet we expect to receive so much more than we are willing to put out.  Same applies to our relationships.  We give 50% yet expect 100% from the other person.

This also applies to our walk/relationship with God.  We may give Him 10% yet we expect 100% from Him.  Hear my prayers, heal my sickness and my world, supply my needs, make me what I desire … yet we only call on Him when in need, in trouble, desperation.  We are quick to blame and curse Him when He doesn’t adhere to our timing and with our desires and expected answers.  We want and expect yet give little to nothing in return.

Let this year be different!  Remember, you must give to receive.  He gave ALL expecting nothing.  He came to earth in a lowly stable.  Lived a common life.  Consorted with the lepers, tax collectors, fishermen … sinners like you and me; then He was betrayed, beaten brutally, and nailed to a cross to die … an innocent, sinless man.  He gave it ALLHIS LIFE – that we might have eternal life with the Father.  What are we, me/you, doing to truly receive the full gift that was given?  What are we giving to him?  What are we bringing?  What will YOU bring to fulfill this gift that was given?

For this New Year, 2021, let’s look with expectation to bring the best of ourselves to the kingdom and our world.  Be a blessing and find that you will be blessed.  Expect to be a blessing this year, walk into 2021 giving your ALL and know that HE will exceed your expectations in ways you’ll never know until you do.

So… BRING what you expect to receive!

In His Service,