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In All Things there is LOVE!

There are so many things that come to mind when I think of the month of February … Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, President’s Day, Stop Bullying Day, American Heart Month, Friendship Month, Groundhog Day, National Organ Donor Day, and for this year, Leap Day,  just to name a few.

When I look at all of these and wonder where do we place our focus?  I realize that there is an underlying tie that connects all of these, the tie that binds, if you will.  What is it you ask?  LOVE!  It is the common thread that ties it all together.

Valentine’s Day – it’s all about love, not only for the lover, but love for one another and self.

Black History Month – love for those that paved the way and brought us to where we are today.

President’s Day – love and dedication for those who have led our country.

Stop Bullying Day – a deep love for those being mistreated and the need to make a change.

American Heart Month – a love for mankind to care for their heart, care for the community and bring awareness.

Friendship Month – true love and gratitude for those we hold dear and who hold us dear.

Groundhog’s Day – our caring and desire for looking forward to springtime and new beginnings; what’s to come.

National Organ Donor Day – our love and caring for our fellow man in need of help, in need of transplant.

Leap Day – our love for something different every four (4) years (just sayin’).

I see in these things the love of things, for others, for self and underlying all of this is the overpowering love that our heavenly Father has for each of us.  A love that He displayed to us since the beginning at creation.  Love so intense and fierce as the life of His Son laid down for our sins.  Unconditional, underserved, but done, for all. 

So, this month we will look at LOVE, the Fathers love, self-love, love for others. ~~LOVE ~~remember in all things, in all situations, the common thread of love, woven into everything in some way shape or form.  Know that love is the tie that binds all.  If you look, you will always find, love.

Remember — In all things, Love!