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It’s December! Time for winter, time for the holidays. Time for Christmas, giving, receiving, celebrating, love, the Gift! Time for reflecting as the year ends, all this is good, as long as we keep things in perspective, as long as we stay focused on the true meaning of it all. The true meaning of the gift, why it was given, how it came to us; how it departed us, how we are to share it.

This season is ALL about JESUS! The greatest gift that was given to ALL that ALL might take Him in; that all might share ‘the gift’; that ALL might know the greatest love given, the greatest gift given. One size fits all. And all we have to do, is accept the gift, JESUS, into our hearts, our lives, into our very being. He will abide in you.

You then share the gift with those who don’t know of the gift and from person to person, share – re-gifting without giving up the gift, JESUS. This season give the gift of life, of love the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that helps you through every second of every day. That gives you the words when you have none. That lights the way for your tomorrow; that opens a window when you feel all doors are closed.

This gift that came as an infant child in the lowness of a stable and died on a cross bridging the gap to the path of eternal life with the trinity, presents to you, this gift. Will you accept it, accept Him, will you give to the one who gave ALL? His gift for your gift. Be the gift of Jesus to yourself, to those in need this season and be a life changed. This December could be life changing and take you into 2022 as a gift.

Will you be the gift receiver and giver, or will you once again walk away from the greatest gift ever given? I pray you choose to receive and to give.

May your December be filled with the Gift of Love and Life – Jesus.

Passing on the Gift,


Merry Christmas to you and yours