June 1, 2022

My daddy, Kenneth Carey, Sr. a/k/a REAL DEAL, was just that, “THE REAL DEAL”. A man who loved the Lord, was strong, handsome, the example of a man, caring, loving, willing to extend a helping hand, a family man & he was honor. He kept order in his family, God, family then everything else. His love for the Lord, strong and infectious. He never pushed his belief and love for God on others, it was so soft, yet so strong.

Everyone knew he was a great man to learn from and be around. He could sing, dance, great umpire, bowler, him and my mom did competitive artistic roller skating, as that’s what their children were doing. He left a mark everywhere he went. He knew grace, was authentic, strong , yet he was a gentle giant.

He taught his girls what to look for in a man. Showed us how to treat a woman, in how he treated Mom. She was his EVERYTHING. He loved her with an incredible love. Their love story and life together is beautiful, could be a best selling novel… something to work on.😊 When it came to mom and his family, he was provider and protector. Taught my brother, how to be a man. He was a teacher of many things, showed his grandsons and many other men what a man is to be. He was a man of actions vs. words.

Family was EVERYTHING. He and my mom taught that at the end of the day, family is most important; not just your blood, but those who you treated and loved like family as well.

I could always run to him, and he would always TEACH me what I needed to know and understand about situations; the best advice you could ask for. He said, “Baby, you know you have to have an open mind when dealing with people. It’s not about who’s right or wrong”. He never held a grudge and was always forgiving.

I miss him so much, I’ll hold on to all the memories and moments with him. I see him in my dreams, carry him in my heart, ALWAYS. Love you daddy; thank you for being the BEST daddy a girl could have. Thanks for touching lives; your legacy lives on, forever!

Love, Michelle❤️