June 9, 2022

A tribute to my son on his 1st Father’s Day!

It’s because of you that I was able to first experience the joy of having a baby and becoming a mom, and now you’re a daddy.

As my little chunky baby boy to the grown man you are today, you have always been a leader, you have a big heart, you’re handsome, talented, giving, strong, thoughtful and you’re an amazing daddy to Lil E. You’re a good husband to your wife and watching you two grow together as husband and wife is wonderful. The care and love you show Lil E brings so much joy to my heart. Evan, you are such a good man with a giving and wonderful heart.

Always keep being you and setting great examples for your son. I’m a proud momma and so grateful to have you as my son. Thank you for blessing my life 30 years ago when you were born and for continuing to bless my life today. Stay strong, continue to lead and believe in yourself and in your dreams always. God has great plans for you honey and I know you will achieve all that you strive for in this lifetime. I love you my Evan and Happy First Father’s Day in advance. Love you more than you’ll ever know, Mom (Michelle)