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Yes, we are in the month of February, the month we celebrate Black History, Women’s Heart Health, and LOVE!  As you can see thus far this month, we are focusing not on the ‘love‘ relationship, but on the love of our heavenly Father who taught us to love unconditionally.  Our Father who is LOVE!

How blessed we are to be loved when we are un-loveable; to be loved before we even were in existence; loved when we don’t love Him.  How deep is His love for us that He would send His only son to live as a man?  That His son would be beaten, nailed to a cross, hanging there to die for our sins (ALL of our sins).  ‘How great the Father’s love for us’!  But love didn’t die there.  He rose and lives that we too, might live!

What does he ask in return?  That we love!  He showed us what love is.  He asks that we ‘love one another’; that we forgive as he forgave.  He asks that we join Him in relationship, that we fall first, in love with him.  Through that love, we will know love, self-love, love for others, love for spouse.   We will know that love hurts, but we will know that with His love, we are NEVER alone.

This month is filled with love, God’s love. I pray you fall in love with him.  It will change your love for mankind.  It will heal your heart and change your life.  You will know the unconditional love of a Father who loves you, in spite of you.  A love that will never leave you never forsake you.  A love that will carry you through the storms of life and will rejoice with you in the great harvests.  A love that will always tell you that you are ENOUGH, because you are His perfect creation.

“Jesus loves me, this I know”!  “Falling in love with Jesus, was the best thing I’ve ever done”.

I pray that as this month ends you too, will say these words with bold confidence, with a heart of LOVE for the one who first loved, the one who is LOVE.

Be blessed and remember … You are LOVED!