Welcome to B.W.I.T.W.

Welcome to the new blog for Business Women in the Word.  I am so excited and blessed that you have been following us on FB and Instagram, and that you are here with us on our “blog”!  Since our last e-newsletter, God has been busy in my life.  I know many of you were disappointed that things had to be put on hold, but God was doing a new work in his servant, that this could come back in a way that the masses could be reached for him. So now, we have this blog where we can share with so many.  So, share this on your FB page and share the website with those in need of encouragement.  You can be the life line to a child of God in need.

For those of you that are new to BWITW, welcome. This blog will serve to encourage, uplift, guide & direct you to seek God first in all things knowing that in doing so, he will strengthen you and surround you with the love that will see you through the journey set before you. So again, to all, welcome.

It’s November and we are in the month of reflecting and giving thanks for our many blessings, big and small.  In this month it is appropriate that we also celebrate our Veterans, those that gave so that we can have the freedoms that we enjoy.  So, appropriately this is truly a month of giving thanks.

As we look back over this past year, let’s reflect on what we have to be thankful for; not necessarily ‘things’, but progression toward your life purpose, progression from where we were a year ago.   Just the fact that we are living and breathing this very second.  Think about what we have done to move forward in our life goals.  Think about our relationships, lives we have touched.  Have we made a difference?

Be so very thankful that we serve a God who gave all that we might have the choice to live life eternally with Him.  Thankful, that He is a God of second chances!  Yes, every second of every day, He gives us a second chance to choose to follow Him, to seek His face, and to claim the life purpose He has set for each of us.  Thankful, yes for the life that we live, for our family, our friends, for health, for so many things; but knowing without Him, we have nothing.  So, our hallelujah praise of thanksgiving, goes to our Heavenly Father.

As we celebrate the thanksgiving season let’s remember to all be thankful.  Remember those that are less fortunate, those that are struggling, yes, more than you.  Lift them up and know that someone is lifting you too, before the father.  Share this time with someone in need, remembering, we are the hands and feet of Jesus.  You will be blessed to be a blessing.

To each and everyone reading this, I pray that you and your family have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.  May you all be filled with the grace and peace that only comes from our heavenly father.