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Prayer — For the month of September, I have aligned with my church, Community Christian Church at White Marsh, Maryland, ( as we are doing a 21 Days of Prayer.  Due to the state of our world, I thought it would be appropriate to be a part of this much needed time of prayer and this prayer movement.  Our church has been, for a while, praying at 6:15pm every day; so now we are adding another level of prayer over the next 21 days.

I know we are a few days into the month, but we all can catch up and pray as we reflect straight from the Bible.  This will make you think, reflect, look inside yourself, and grow you beyond you.  Know that you will have questions, comments and I pray that you will take the time to comment on the FB, IG, Twitter pages, or email at and let us have conversation as we move forward daily.

So, if you want more in depth information you can go to website for daily, in depth, information.  So here is the share. 

Welcome to 21 Days of Prayer!

The goal of this prayer guide is to mobilize our church to pray every day for the next three weeks. And what better way than to look at 21 prayer ideas straight from the Bible. Take the 21 Day challenge. Use this guide to prompt your prayer life for a few minutes each day and see what God does to grow your relationship with him.

Looking forward to this prayer time with you.

In His Purpose,