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This book of wisdom was written to impart wisdom for godly living.

As I have spent time in this book, that was written by King Solomon, I gained so much insight, wisdom, and knowledge. I have learned of the many do’s and don’ts of relationships with friends, family members, co-workers; how we are to love and show love. How our speech shows our wisdom or lack thereof. I have seen how I need to stop and reflect … am I being wise? Wicked? Or foolish? The wise seek to know and love God and show His love. Also, how my success, my work ethic, building my moral character and good reputation all go with my devotion to obey God, or not. So many lessons, so much wisdom to take out of truly reading and absorbing what Solomon truly, wanted us to get out of the proverbs.

There is much that we can get out of being in the word itself. I would challenge you this month of July, to take each day and read one proverb a day. Look, there are 31 of them, so I am not talking about anything grand. Just 31 days to read, learn, and grow. Take some part of your day and read the proverb for that day. Each day I will be posting a verse or verses that spoke to me. I pray that as you are reading you will highlight or underline in your Bible the verse or verses that speak to you. This can be a month of change for you because you are seeking godly wisdom. Will you accept the challenge? Will you give God a few minutes of your day to learn His will, His way for the lives of His children? He gives us free will. What will you do with yours? Give Him the next 31 days. You will not regret it.

If you accept, I would love for you to post the scripture or scriptures that spoke to you, if you choose. You can share it on the daily Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest posts. I would love to know your thoughts and how He is speaking to and touching you.

God’s blessings to each and everyone reading this and my sincere thanks for your love and support of “Business Women in the Word”.

In His Service,
Karen Carey