Ready for Christmas, a term that we hear so often this time of year, but, what does it really mean? What do people really mean when they ask that question?  Well, let’s give it some thought and explore a couple different things that it could mean.

Ready for Christmas … shopping all finished, gifts all wrapped, meals all prepared, house decorated and cleaned, ‘things’ all done.  For some, this is the interpretation, preparing for “the day”.  Doing stuff, getting stuff ready for the day that comes, and goes.  Afterward we are exhausted.   We have fond memories of good times, but it was … Just a day!  Is this you?

For others … Ready for Christmas … preparing our hearts and our minds for the new born king! Spreading JOY, PEACE, LOVE, HOPE, to a world in desperate need.  Remembering that this season is not about giving gifts, but about the gift that was given to us so freely.  Given out of JOY that this world might know and share HIS joy.  Given for PEACE, that the world might know the peace that only comes from knowing the heart of God. A gift given out of LOVE, oh that we would show love as He loves us even in our imperfection and sinfulness.  And finally, a gift given for the HOPE, the hope of the world that we come together as one people created by one true loving God.

So, are you ready for the true Christmas?  Ready for the one that this season is all about?  If you’re not, stop everything else, as it won’t matter and will just be a fond memory.  Make ready for the baby king that will come and live within your heart not just for a day, or a season, but for eternity!

Let every heart, prepare Him room!  Be ready for Christmas!  Be ready for our eternal coming King of joy, peace, love & hope!  Ready?  Be ready for Christmas, be ready for HIM!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Business Women in the Word!