September 12, 2020

Open our Eyes Lord!

Thought for the Day
Elisha was facing pressure. The King of Aram resented his loyalty to Israel and sent an elite guard to capture him. When Elisha’s servant began to panic at the sight of an enemy force, Elisha prayed for him to see what was unseen…the protection of God. This supernatural event reminds us that we don’t always have a clear picture of how God is at work. Sometimes in the face of the most intense pressure, God is at work in ways we can’t see. This can be in the spiritual, unseen realm, or in the form of those serving him in ways out of the spotlight.
Consider This
How has God helped me in the past in ways I didn’t expect and from people I couldn’t predict?
Am I placing too much trust in what is seen and not enough trust in God’s presence?
In what area can I say, ‘Open my eyes, Lord.”
Prayer Focus
Ask God to increase your faith today – in whatever way he sees fit to do so. Identify an area in your life where your faith needs strengthening. Give thanks for the helpers – the people God sends to the rescue. In particular, give thanks today for health care workers, researchers and
other responders who have come to aid us during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic