September 14, 2020

You Lord are my REFUGE!

Thought for the Day
Our country is in the center of a season where people’s hearts have grown faint. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic we not only endured the suffering of physical disease, but we have also been confronted with the internal truth of prejudice. Prejudice is not limited by space and time. It exists in all cultures and divides people at our spiritual enemy’s whims. It gives in to our most base instincts and its only solution is a spiritual one that lifts us to a new spiritual perspective – on “the rock that is higher than I.”
Consider This
In what ways do I need God to rid me of any spirit of prejudice and discord?
Many are feeling the weariness of generational prejudice. How am I praying for racial reconciliation?
Who do I know whose “heart grows faint” right now? How can I ask God to meet their needs?
Prayer Focus
Thank God for being a place of refuge in all things. Give thanks that weary souls can find shelter in him. Petition God about our nation. Pray to him for our church. Ask him to let our church be a place of refuge in his name that changes hearts of prejudice into hearts of love.