September 15, 2020

Knoew the Hope!

Thought for the Day
There are many people with perfect vision who are blind to spiritual things. Past hurts, poor choices, and wounds from others have closed their hearts to the things of God. If only the eyes of their heart could be opened to know the hope of God and the riches of his glorious inheritance! This prayer from Ephesians is a prayer for others who don’t yet fully understand the goodness of God.
Consider This
Am I praying for anyone to come to know Jesus on a regular basis?
Is there a specific person I could commit to pray for in order that they will come to know “the hope of God”?
Who is that person?
Prayer Focus
Ask God to open the eyes of your friend’s heart. Be specific about how you would like to see God work in their life. Ask for God’s help to remain consistent in prayer for this person long term.