September 16, 2020

Open a Door Lord!

Thought for the Day
There’s a big difference between closed doors, locked doors and open doors. Anyone who has been locked out of their house or car knows the frustration of being ready to enter but knowing that a barrier stands in the way. In thinking of the mission of the church, the Apostle Paul prayed for – and requested prayer for – God to remove barriers and open doors so that the church could be successful in telling people about Jesus.
Consider This
Am I praying consistently for my church to succeed in leading others to know Jesus?
What are the cultural “closed doors” that God could open for our church?
What are the closed doors in the life of the person I committed to pray for yesterday? How can I ask God to open that door?
Prayer Focus
Pray today for Community Christian Church. Pray for God to open new doors of opportunity so that people can come to know Jesus and lives can be changed. Pray for God to open a door in the life of your friend so they will be receptive to God’s grace.