September 17, 2020

Speak up, speak out!

Thought for the Day
For some reason, there are some topics that are just hard for people to talk about. We excel at discussing the weather (good or bad), sports teams and games, our favorite movies, music – but when it comes to talking about our faith, we get tense. Perhaps we’re guarding against “coming on too strong” or just not knowing the right words to say. But sometimes God is calling us to do more than set a good example – sometimes we must boldly step out and discuss spiritual things.
Consider This
Do I feel comfortable speaking casually and openly about my faith?
What fears are hindering me from having conversations about something so dear to me?
If fear is keeping me from talking about faith or church, who could coach me in this area?
Prayer Focus
Ask God for discernment about the right times to say a word about Jesus, invite someone to attend or watch church service with you, or offer godly counsel to someone. Ask for boldness for when those moments come to authentically share what Jesus means to you.