September 18, 2020

THY Kingdom come!

Thought for the Day
In our country, talk of kingdoms conjures up images of King Arthur, Prince Humperdinck or some Shakespearian character. But kingdoms are simply the places where the king’s rule extends. Jesus prayed—and asked his followers to pray—that the kingly rule of God would extend over all his creation. Part of the job of Jesus-followers is to see that God’s kingly reign is gaining ground in our lives – and that we’re extending opportunities to others to live under his care and protection.
Consider This
Is God’s influence and kingly reign gaining ground in my life?
Am I praying for anyone on a regular basis to come under the reign of God’s kingly rule?
How can I change my perspective, so I see things from a “kingdom” perspective?
Prayer Focus
Ask God to reveal those areas where your will is trumping his instructions. Take time to own any areas of willful disobedience and ask for forgiveness. Pray for ways you can encourage others to come under the watchful care of their heavenly Father.