September 19, 2020

Your people bear your Name!

Thought for the Day
When we do something that offends another person, it is customary to give an apology – even if we did not intend to hurt them. Intercessory prayers of repentance are an expression of Godly sorrow, not only for our own missteps, but the missteps of our people. It is possible to pray repentance over your family, your church, your community and nation. Even when we lack specifics, God hears the humble who admit their shortcomings, and he moves with power among those who seek a right place before him.
Consider This
Where can I express godly sorrow over my own sin?
How can offer intercessory godly sorrow over my church, community and nation?
Where would I like God to act, for his glory, and so others can know him?
Prayer Focus
Prayers of repentance are about honesty. Ask God to reveal the places where you need to be most honest with him. Ask him to point out those areas where you need to pray for your community SO THAT he can be known more fully.