September 20, 2020

What kind of aroma are you spreading?

Thought for the Day
The name “Christian” carries with it the idea of identity. A Christian is someone who has taken on the ways of Jesus. When we wear this name – we are communicating, “I am a person who is championing the values of Jesus and I’m following his teaching.” In a sense – “I am a Jesusperson.
If you want to know what Jesus is like, you can look to what I’m becoming.” The Apostle Paul said it’s like we’re spreading a beautiful smelling fragrance that perfectly represents the heart of Jesus. The question is: What kind of aroma are you spreading?
Consider This
Can the people around me see that I’m trying to follow Jesus?
Does my demeanor and personality show humility and grace, core characteristics of Jesus?
Am I leaving a sweet aroma of living that attracts others to see what Jesus is like?
Prayer Focus
Ask God to help you to live in such a way that others are attracted to the same Jesus that haschanged your life. You will not be perfect. Ask God to use even your imperfections to highlight his grace.