September 21, 2020


Thought for the Day
If you ask a six-year old what they want as a gift, they might tell you they want a dog…or a pony. If you ask the same person what they want when they are 35, if they still request a pony, something might be wrong. Similarly, as we mature in faith, our prayers must mature. Our early
prayers might be all about our own lives, what we want or need to make life more comfortable. But God loves to answer our prayers when they line up with his perspective. And those prayers bring great confidence.
Consider This
What is a prayer for myself that I know lines up with God’s will for me?
What is a prayer for my church that lines up with God’s will for his people?
How can I specifically pray for the success of my church in this next season?
Prayer Focus
Ask God to help you stay in the habit of daily prayer, even as this prayer guide concludes. Continue to pray for a specific person—pray for open doors to invite them to join you in journeying with God. Ask God to open doors of opportunity for the church to reach new people – and ask him to open doors for your opportunity to reach out in his name.