SUMMER – Encouragement when times are Tough! – BWITW – Blog

Welcome August!  Wow how the time flies.  Before you know it, fall will be here, and the summer will be over.  So how is YOUR summer going?  I know for many they are getting out!  Kids are out of school so many are taking long wanted and needed vacations.  Many are just loving being out.  Out in the sunshine, out among people, out of the house.  Getting back out to the office and for some, finding work.  And I do hope that you are enjoying the Olympics!

Well as we are all getting on with ‘life’ something that I really feel that we all need, especially now, are words of encouragement.  You see, we’ve been kind of tucked away from people and hearing words of encouragement has not been in our daily routine, whether it’s receiving or giving that encouragement.  So, I thought now, this month, would be the ideal time to do just that.  Encourage someone.  Do it at least daily, more if you can.  Everyone of us needs to be uplifted, loved on.  We need to know that we matter, that we make a difference, that our very existence means something to someone. 

Each of us were created for a specific purpose and maybe yours was to be encouraging.  Speaking life into someone.  What a blessing you could be to someone just to smile at them; to say hello; to offer a simple good morning, afternoon, or evening.  When was the last time that you encouraged someone or that you were encouraged?  How did it make you feel?  Uplifted, loved, and empowered, worthy, needed?  We are going through some trying times and they are not over.  Let’s take time and be Jesus to someone. 

Call to action – over the next month we will be posting encouraging words daily.  I challenge you, to daily encourage just one person, every day.  Do it whether it’s in person, online, through text or a phone call.  By months end you will have encouraged 31 people or more.  Why more, because your act of kindness and caring could lead them to do the same for someone else (Butterfly effect).  You see encouragement then becomes the gift that keeps on giving.  But it all starts with YOU!

So today I encourage you.  As our scripture says, “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!” Phil. 4:13. 

My encouragement to you … “You can to all things through Christ who gives you strength!”

Let’s be a force of encouragement when times seem tough!

Love to all,