Thankful this Thanksgiving with LOVE! – BWITW – Blog

It’s that time of year when we gather with family and friends to be thankful for all our blessings. As we gather, let’s take time to truly be thankful for the things that we have been blessed with.

Be truly thankful this year for LOVE. You see it is the love that starts inside of each of us that leads to the things that life brings to us. So many blessings… let’s count the blessings LOVE brings!

L – Life, the life that we are blessed with each day to share with everyone that crosses our path. Life that we should never take for granted. The lives that we touch with our life impacts the world for eternity. It shapes and molds and directs the way others think and feel and how they affect others within their world. So, know that the life that you receive each and everyday is a blessing not only to you but to the world around you.

O – Opportunity, the opportunities that we have daily to impact others. The chance to change the world, and it may not be the “big” world, but the world around you for someone else. Know that the little things that you do are noticed by so many that you may never know, ever. But your attitude, your caring, or not caring, your stepping out in faith, your lack of faith, everything you do, someone is watching. It is your opportunity to make a difference, good or bad. It’s your choice, your legacy, your opportunity. What will you do with it?

V– Value, because of our life and opportunity, we are valuable to others and ourselves. Valuable in that because of what we bring to the table we increase the worth of the opportunity and of the life. The only way to do that is to bring “us”, our whole self to the table, flaws and all. We are all valuable to the kingdom, as we are God’s children and He created us for His good purpose, to bring value to the kingdom. So be the valuable blessing that you were created to be.

E– Eternity, because of all that we do everyday, it all matters for eternity. What we do with our life each day, who we impact; what we do with our daily opportunities, our attitudes, caring, sharing, being a difference maker; increasing the worth and value of others … EVERYTHING that we do matters for eternity, our eternity and others choosing their eternity.

So, for this Thanksgiving, be thankful for L-O-V-E (Life, Opportunity, Value, Eternity). Give love, share love that others know the love of the one that loved us to the point of death, death on a cross, that we might have life eternal with the Father.

To you and your family, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, with lots of LOVE to last you a lifetime and beyond.

Blessings from Business Women In the Word