The Greatest Gift! – BWITW – Blog

It’s so hard to believe that December is here. We made it through another year. And we now approach a time, and a season of reflection, and of love. A season when we remember. A time to gather with friends and families; time to show love to all mankind (something we should do throughout the year).
This is the season that we give and receive gifts. Hmmm – so, what gift will you give this year? What gift will you receive that you will give away, for whatever the reason? Now why would you do that? Well, we’ll get to that. But let’s all answer this question. What is the best or greatest gift you’ve ever received? A car, a watch, a sweater, a toaster, a surprise visit? What was it? Did you give it away or keep it? You see, some gifts are only meant for YOU! Gifts that are special, valuable, and meaningful. While other gifts are ok, but they may carry little meaning or value. Without that value and/or meaning, the gift can be easily and without thought, given to someone else. You must know that even your best and greatest gift does not come close to the Greatest gift of all.
What am I talking about? Well, this gift can’t be found under your Christmas tree, wrapped in pretty paper with a bow on top. This gift MUST be given away, shared with ALL. Let me explain…

This gift came to us as a baby, born in a stall.
Loves you and me – the whole world you see.
Jesus on Christmas our gift, don’t you see?
He came out of love, that love then died on a tree.
Why? Because of love for you and for me.
He came for our sins, our salvation, and our lives to be saved.
We must accept and share this gift, so all will know His name.
The Wonderful Counselor, our Prince of Peace, He, yes, it’s Him that the entire world needs, you see.
So, this year as you’re wondering, what gift will you give?
Give the Greatest Gift – JESUS – the best you can give.
He is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through.
Will you share His love? I sure hope you do!
May the Greatest gift you give this year, be the gift of our Savior.
The reason for this season. Do someone a favor!
The Best gift to Re-gift (and the gift goes on and on and on).
The Greatest Gift! Oh, give if you dare.
Remember it costs you nothing, you just need to share.
Give it away to all, let them know, you care!

Christmas blessings to you and yours this holiday season and remember JESUS is the best and greatest gift!
Love to all,