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“Second Chance”

A time to step into my God Given Purpose

When was the last time that you did something that changed everything about your life?  Well, I have had that happen to me recently through the writing and publishing of my book, “Second Chance”. 

This book has been such a life changing project for me, that I never expected.  When God places a task, no, a purpose before you and you move toward it, you never know what that “little” thing can do to make such a huge impact on your life. 

This calling over my life has taken me through a process that has given me a new direction; gotten me out of “the box”, out of ‘my box’, and into things that I ‘never’ thought I would be involved in doing.  You go from being just a nurse, to being an author, speaker, singer, songwriter … WHAT!

What you need to know is that this has been a labor of love.  A newly found trust in my God to guide and care for me, to cover me, and give me His words, give me His strength as I walk in very unfamiliar territory doing His work that I felt unequipped for.  He transformed ‘me’ into a person that speaks for Him, writes His words to music and sings them.  Hears his heart and uses his words to complete a book to share Him, with the world. 

Please know that none of this would have happened if I had not been stilled by circumstances, to be with him and hear his heart for my purpose.  If I had not opened my heart to move forward in His purpose for my life.  If I had not trusted Him to know that the work that He started in me when He knit me together in my mothers’ womb, He would be faithful to bring it to completion for His glory.

It’s called stepping out in faith and trusting the one that loved me before I existed.  You see, we avoid the unknown, the unfamiliar, out of fear.  Stop!  Trust and know that His purpose for you will take you out of the known into the unknown.  Know that He will never leave you.  He will see you through to His purpose for your life. 

Are you willing to step out in faith?  Are you willing to be still and hear from Him, what He has for your life?  Have you heard from Him and known, yet are not taking that step?  Well, I’m here to tell you that because I was stilled and heard from Him, my purpose; because I took that step of faith, I am changed in every good way possible.  And this I know He’s not finished with me.  He has more for me to do and I will not resist or question, I will only do.  Why?  Because I trust him and know that He will never leave me nor forsake me.  He will move me and change me but never leave me.

So, what is He calling you to?  Will you be changed…for the good?  Make the change.  You will love the person you become.

Talk about blessings and life changes … the audio book and song should be released September 1, 2019.  Keep watching for updates!