What are you FALLing into? – BWITW – Blog

As we are into the month of September, most of us are getting back into routines of fall (school, work, etc.).  Many face this time of year and get back in “routines”, “ruts” of life; but I want to ask you, no I want you to think long and hard about this question that our heavenly Father placed on my heart … as Fall is upon each and every one of us, “What are you ‘FALLing’ into?  When He placed this on my heart, probably like you, I was like, ‘what do you mean’?  Now, He, never gives me questions like that, without supplying direction… I went there, I didn’t understand. – So, what will you FALL into this Fall?  Will it be the same old thing again, same stuff, same routine, same rut?  I paused and thought about this … How many times do we get to this time of year and go back to the same stuff, again?

Ok God, so where do we go, what do you want me, us to FALL into?  Obviously, the message is – time to change, to do something different.  Time to make a change, for HIM, and like a flood He gave it all to me…

            FALL into NEW, into my Love, my Grace, my Purpose for you …

            FALL into my Will, my Vision, my Peace, my Kindness, my Blessing …

            FALL into my Forgiveness and into my Arms!

            FALL into the full Knowledge of me as the one who Loves you unconditionally and see your FALL turn into SOARING on the wings of eagles; to new heights that only I can take you to.  THIS, I had to share with you, so that we could share this FALL, together, if you dare.

So, this Fall will you FALL into Him?  Shake up the leaves (the old stuff) throw them up in the air, knowing that this change can lead to great things; but only by FALLing into Him.

Each day we will FALL into a different aspect of Him, and I pray that you come to know Him and soar with Him.

I welcome your comments, how you are soaring through the FALL!  Leave comments on the FB or IG page or email me at bwitw7@gmail.com.

So now is the time.

Are you ready?