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When was the last time that you …?

When you see those words, what do you think about?  What is the first thing that comes to the forefront of your mind?  When was the last time that you … did what?  Said what? Went where? Saw whom?  Spoke to whom?  What is the first thing that is drawn to your mind?

Well, here are a few of the questions I’m asking, when was the last time that you …

  1. Stopped and took the time out of all the stuff that you do, to spend with your creator, listening to what He has for you?
  2. Spent time with someone that you love and haven’t “fit” into your busy schedule? A child, a friend, a parent.
  3. Stopped and told family, friends that you loved them? Or give someone deserving words of encouragement?
  4. Go sit and visit with a grandparent? Just to sit and talk to and with them, love on them, while they are still here?
  5. Go spend time serving the less fortunate?

Why am I even going here you might ask?  Over the past few months I have seen so many lose family, friends, loved ones.  Some expected, but most not.  They have left this life and that time can never be returned.  The what ifs, if only.

We all need to get off the hamster wheel and craziness of life and stop and truly look at what is important.  We need to spend time with the one who gave us life.  Connect with Him, seek hard and fast after His heart and His direction for our lives.

Take time to see friends and family.  Love on them, tell them you love them, make memories with them.  Grandparents, if you still have them, cherish the family history and knowledge that only can come from them.  Know that they are lonely, and they desire the love of their family that they have poured their life into.

Take a day, or just an hour out of your busyness and spend serving those less fortunate.  This will give you a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what you have.  It will give you an appreciation for the struggles that others face that, yes, are even greater than your own.

So, when was the last time that you … now fill in the blank, and I hope you change your story.

Call to Action:  I challenge you to just do one (1) of the things mentioned above and just see if your life is not enriched, changed, and the desire to do more is not placed in your heart.  I look forward to hearing how this changes you for the better.  Email us at bwitw7@gmail.com or post on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/BusinessWomenInTheWord/ under this blog post.