Where is Your HOPE? – BWITW – Blog

It’s October and change ‘is’ happening.  Things are changing all around us.  Weather is changing, the leaves are various colors (changing), it is getting darker out earlier … our world is changing around us, at the same time (pandemic, social unrest).  In the midst of the changes, where do we find HOPE?  Where do you find your HOPE?  Well before you throw in the towel, I want to share some HOPE with you. 

I want to tell you about my dear friend, Cecil, who was diagnoses with cancer.  You see, he was a very active person, walked ten-thousand steps daily, an avid cyclist and busy photographer.  To make this long story short, he had to have his leg amputated from the pelvic bone down.  Now, when he told me about this, I was devastated inside.  While awaiting to hear how he was handling the news, he says to me, “I’ll be able to have my bike altered so I’ll still be able to ride!”  Yes, in the midst of his tragedy he saw HOPE! 

He faced many trials and issues after surgery, but he always stayed true to his HOPE.  He is in therapy and will soon be getting fitted for prosthesis and is excited to know that he will walk again soon.  Now, there is so much more to his story and one day soon, he will write about it, share it, I urge him to do so.  He is a light in the darkness that we face in this world and here is what I know for sure;  His light, his HOPE is firmly secure in the one true God.  When this all started, he surrounded himself with those that he knew would be positive, that would pray for him through this journey.  God is the Rock, the foundation of his HOPE that has seen him through his bouts of cancer, surgery, recovery and will see him to walking and riding his bike again.

So again, I ask you, where do you find your HOPE?  In the craziness of our world is HE your HOPE, your firm foundation, your ROCK?  Only HE can pull you through the darkest of days, the roughest of times.  Times of uncertainty, illness, loss, and joy … He is our light, our joy, our HOPE!

This month let us focus on HOPE and keeping our HOPE in God.  If you need to, find your HOPE in Him through others.  Do not be downcast, put your HOPE, in God.

In His Light & Love,